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    3. Israel-Palestine Task Force

      Israel-Palestine Task force logo

      FMC works towards a resolution of most dangerous conflict of the 21st century.

      Learn more about the Task Force

      One-State solution for Peace between Israelis and Palestinians

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      Free Muslims represent the U.S. on combating anti-Semitism and Intolerance against Muslims

      Kamal Nawash before the Organization for Security and Cooperation

      President Kamal Nawash represented the U.S. before the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe in the session on combating intolerance against Muslims.

      Read on Fighting Intolerance and Discrimination against Muslims.


      • Sharia (Islamic Law) Cannot work in the 21st Century?

        We should acknowledge that Islam began by establishing some revolutionary progress on women rights.  Those were only the first steps to set the direction, Muslims were supposed to take it further towards women's complete equity. That has never happened

      • The End of Evangelical Support for Israel?

        The days of taking evangelical support for Israel for granted are over. As they are increasingly confronted with an evangelical-friendly, anti-Israel narrative, more and more of these Christians are turning against the Jewish state.

      • Proposal for ending the Palestinian/Israeli conflict-One-State?

        The basis of the proposed Union shall be a federation that ensures a Jewish state and a Palestinian state with security, equality and respect for all citizens regardless of religion, gender, race or ethnicity.

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